Proshield® Basic Hooded Disposable Coveralls

Proshield® basic coveralls are made from a nonwoven, spunbonded-meltblown-meltblown-spunbonded (SMMS) polypropylene fabric that is lightweight and soft. The fabric has good "stretch" characteristics and its "breathability" reduces heat stress, increasing productivity and comfort during prolonged use.

Proshield® basic coveralls give limited splash and dry particulate protection against many non-toxic hazards. They are antistatically treated and offer electrostatic protection according to EN1149-1:1995 when suitably grounded.

Typical applications include: laboratories, biohazards, clean rooms, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, non-toxic liquid handling, light manufacturing, maintenance work and fibreglass processing.

CE Classification: Chemical protective clothing - Category lll, type 5/6.

Product Range

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Size  Colour  Chest  Height    Price (+VAT)
Availability Product Code
SWhite84-92cm158-164cm £3.99 In Stock. 132-5506
SBlue84-92cm158-164cm £3.99 In Stock. 132-6088
MWhite92-100cm164-170cm £3.99 In Stock. 132-5603
MBlue92-100cm164-170cm £3.99 In Stock. 132-6185
LWhite100-108cm170-176cm £3.99 In Stock. 132-5797
LBlue100-108cm170-176cm £3.99 In Stock. 132-6282
XLWhite108-116cm176-182cm £3.99 In Stock. 132-5894
XLBlue108-116cm176-182cm £3.99 In Stock. 132-6379
XXLWhite116-124cm182-188cm £3.99 In Stock. 132-5991
XXLBlue116-124cm182-188cm £3.99 In Stock. 132-6476
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